Renegade Magic By Stephanie Burgis

Renegade Magic By Stephanie Burgis
Renegade Magic By Stephanie Burgis

Is Kat?s untrained magic strong enough to prove she has what it takes to be a true Guardian? Find out in this second book of Stephanie Burgis?s Regency-era fantasy trilogy.Nowhere in England is safe from the mischief and magic of Kat Stephenson.With her eldest sister finally married, it seems things are settling down for Kat. But when a scandalous accusation threat

Ens her second sister Angeline?s prospects, Stepmama swiftly whisks the family away to Bath in an attempt to outrun the gossip and engage Angeline to a respectable suitor. Meanwhile, Kat?s utter lack of ladylike propriety has prompted the powerful Lord Ravenscroft to expel her from the Order of Guardians before her training has even begun!Anger and exile aside, Kat knows something is not quite right about Lord Ravenscroft. And when her foolish brother Charles unwittingly invokes the furious force of Sulis Minerva at the King?s and Queen?s Baths, endangering vulnerable cousin Lucy and himself in the process, it?s up to Kat to rescue her family, find Angeline a proper husband, and prove she has the true dignity of a Guardian.


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