The God of Yes By David Edwards

The God of Yes By David Edwards
The God of Yes By David Edwards

Your journey toward a life of yes begins as you open the pages of this powerful book.How we view God affects our whole world?including our view of ourselves. Many see God as The Great Restrictor, saying no to our every move. But the God of the Bible is a God of yes, empowering us

With confidence, hope, and expectancy. Speaking with boldness and clarity to the post-modern generation, David Edward reveals the God of yes as he explores subjects like the four agreements God has made with humankind: God's agreement with Adam?to remove sin; God's agreement with Abraham?to release blessings; God's agreement with David?to reign with authority; God's agreement with Jeremiah?to redeem nations. Are you ready to look past the static religiosity of our day and peer deeply into the God of yes to find a life that truly works? The choice is yours.


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