Sleeping Beauty By Judith Michael

Sleeping Beauty By Judith Michael
Sleeping Beauty By Judith Michael

Anne Garnett was a brilliant Los Angeles divorce lawyer?tough, smart, and untouchable. The vulnerable girl who had run away from her wealthy, influential family was hidden now behind the glossy facade of her high-powered career. Only the death of Anne?s beloved grandfather could bring her back to the town he had bu

Ilt?Tamarack, the Colorado playground of the rich and famous. Once there she would be drawn again into the tangled passions and fortunes of those who had betrayed her so long ago...Embraced by a sister?s love, and challenged by a man who offers her everything she could want, Anne is confronted once more by Senator Vincent Chatham, the charismatic man who still waits to destroy her. But Anne is no longer a frightened girl. She is a proud, beautiful woman who must release the paralyzing pain of the past and discover her power to a battle for family empire, honor, and the richest treasure of all...a deep, abiding love.


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