Seal the Deal By Patti Stanger

Seal the Deal By Patti Stanger
Seal the Deal By Patti Stanger

This eBook original features advice from Become Your Own Matchmaker by ?Millionaire Matchmaker? Patti Stanger on how to make your relationship last.In Seal the Deal, Patti offers tips on ensuring that you live happily ever after with three steps

from her book Become Your Own Matchmaker. In Step One: First Days of Infatuation, Patti teaches you how to maintain perspective during the high of the first ninety days. In Step Two: Relationship Reality Check, she explains how to determine whether he?s the one, and in Step Three: Negotiating the Ring, Patti offers advice on how to get him down the aisle.?Patti lets you in on all her hard-earned matchmaking secrets.? ?Liz Tuccillo, bestselling coauthor of He?s Just Not That Into You .


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