One Shot Away By T. Glen Coughlin

One Shot Away By T. Glen Coughlin
One Shot Away By T. Glen Coughlin

They're all just one shot awayIt's senior year and the last season for Diggy, Jimmy, and Trevor on the Molly Pitcher High School varsity wrestling team. And they all want the same thing: to win.But Diggy's got to compete with his older brother's

Legacy, and now he's in danger of losing his spot to the newcomer, Trevor. Not to mention he's got girl problems. Jimmy's got the cops on his tail and a girlfriend who looks down on him. Then Diggy does the unthinkable?he betrays a teammate. Can the team forgive him? And can he forgive himself?With the pressure building and loyalties splintering, Diggy, Jimmy, and Trevor have got one shot to make weight and get onto the mat. Because pinning your opponent is about more than just winning.


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