Necking By Chris Salvatore

Necking By Chris Salvatore
Necking By Chris Salvatore

HE ALWAYS KNEW SHE WAS EXACTLY HIS TYPE ? B POSITIVEGia Felice has a Rolodex full of vampires, werewolves, witches,and aliens?not to mention the livestock suppliers, to the hotels, and sleazy bars that cater to her clients? more carnal needs. Sometimes being the premier book publicist tothe underworld can suck?literally. Especially if

you?re human. Especially if you?ve got the hots for irresistible Johnny and his sly half smile that shows just a little fang. Her best friend, Lola, a werewolf, can?t talk any sense into her, and now Gia?s agreed to help Belladonna Nightshade, a New YorkTimes bestselling vampire author, find the supernatural killing machine who changed Bella centuries ago . . . if he doesn?t find Gia first. Yesterday, Gia?s biggest problem was how to get an alien with a metal skeleton through airport security. Today she?s got a bloodthirsty boyfriend dying to get into her pants, and an evil, centuries-old vampire on the hunt for her. Who knew publicity was such a deadly business?


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