Barbara Bush By Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush By Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush By Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush endures as one of America's most popular First Ladies. She has won worldwide acclaim for her wit, compassion, and candor as both a presidential wife and mother. In this #1 New York Times bestselling memoir, Mrs. Bush offers a heartfelt portrait of her life in and out of the White House, from her small-town schoolgirl days in Rye, New York, to

Her fateful union with George H.W. Bush, to her role as First Lady of the United States. Here, she writes candidly about: ? her early years with George Bush in West Texas? the tragic death of her young daughter? the world of Washington politics and the famous figures she's met? her role as the nation's leading literacy champion? her feelings about the Iran-Contra scandal, the Persian Gulf conflict, and the Cold War? the disappointment of the 1992 presidential campaign -- and the mixed blessing of regaining her private life...and much more. Filled with entertaining anecdotes, dozens of personal photographs, and a healthy dose of humor, this memoir is as compelling and honest as the former First Lady herself.


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