The Winters in Bloom By Lisa Tucker

The Winters in Bloom By Lisa Tucker
The Winters in Bloom By Lisa Tucker

Every marriage has three stories: the husband?s, the wife?s?and the one they create together. Everyone who knows Kyra and David Winter considers them over-protective parents, but the Winters have good reasons for fearing the worst. When the best thing about their lives?the

Ir beloved son, Michael? disappears from his own backyard one perfectly average summer day, the question is, whose past has finally caught up with them? In the search for young Michael, Kyra and David will be forced to reveal secrets about themselves they?ve always kept hidden, but they will also discover that it?s not too late to have the sort of family they?ve always dreamed of. Lyrical and wise, Lisa Tucker?s enchanting, life-affirming novel will surprise readers and leave them full of wonder at the stubborn strength of the human heart.


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