Signed by Zelda By Kate Feiffer

Signed by Zelda By Kate Feiffer
Signed by Zelda By Kate Feiffer

An aspiring handwriting analyst tracks down her missing neighbor in this ?gratifying mystery? (Kirkus Reviews) from the author of The Problem with the Puddles.More than anything, eleven-year-old Lucy wants to be the world?s most famous handwriting exper

T. ?You can learn a lot about a person through how they write their I?s,? she tells her friend, Pigeon?who just so happens to be a talking bird. When Lucy?s neighbor Zelda goes missing and the only clue is a cryptic handwritten note, Lucy is determined to crack the case using her graphology skills. With some help from Nicky, who lives upstairs, and plenty of advice from Pigeon (who just so happens to be very opinionated), can Lucy decipher the whereabouts of her apartment building?s missing resident?


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