No Room for Dessert By Hallie Durand

No Room for Dessert By Hallie Durand
No Room for Dessert By Hallie Durand

What will Dessert bring to her classroom?s invention fair? Mischief, of course!All of a sudden it seems like Dessert?s life story is being written in invisible ink! It?s getting harder and harder to believe that anyone in the Schneider house even remembers that she lives there. Her school picture hangi

Ng on the fridge? Covered! The promise of burritos? Forgotten! Her baby brother doesn't even know her name! (He calls her ?dirt.?) Dessert decides that she needs a plan to get back on her family?s radar?and hopefully make them all feel like ?dirt? for a change.Let there be light bulbs! Dessert has an idea. All she has to do is win her classroom?s invention contest, which should be a piece o? cake. But, things get worse before they get better...soon, they are so bad, Dessert may need all the double fudge sundaes in the world to make her feel like herself again?or maybe just a surprising new friend. .


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