Color Me Grey By Michelle Janine Robinson

Color Me Grey By Michelle Janine Robinson
Color Me Grey By Michelle Janine Robinson

Color Me Grey dares to ask two startling questions: ?What would you do if you had everything you ever wanted and found out the person you trusted most was trying to steal it all from you?? And, ?what if two sexual encounters left you with two separate babies?twins?from two different fathers; one obviously black and one obviously white?? While it is a fictional account, it also provides a ra

Re opportunity to peek inside of a rare but true medical occurrence; the fact that two percent of fraternal twins that are born each year are born to one mother?AND TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS.Beautiful mahogany-skinned Bridget Grey finds herself locked in a vicious nightmare when she becomes pregnant. Despite the fact that her husband is black, she gives birth to twins?a girl named Jasmine, dark-skinned with dark hair and eyes, and blond-haired, blue-eyed Jacob.In an attempt to piece together the remnants of her life, Bridget discovers a trail of betrayal that started when she was a young child living at a group home?a trail that starts and ends with Jade Smith. With Jade holding secrets over Bridget?s head, Bridget?s back is against the wall, leaving her feeling utterly hopeless.


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