A Borrowed Scot By Karen Ranney

A Borrowed Scot By Karen Ranney
A Borrowed Scot By Karen Ranney

Who Is Montgomery Fairfax?Though she possesses remarkable talents and astonishing insight, Veronica MacLeod knows nothing about the man who appears from nowhere to prevent her from committing the most foolish and desperate act of her life. Recently named Lord Fairfax ofDoncaster Hall, the breathtaking, secret

Ive stranger agrees to perform the one act of kindness that can rescue the Scottish beauty from scandal and disgrace?by taking Veronica as his bride.Journeying with Montgomery Fairfax to his magnificent estate in the Highlands, Veronica knows deep in her heart that this is a man she can truly love?a noble soul, a caring and passionate lover whose touch awakens feelings she's never before known. Yet there are ghosts in Montgomery's shuttered past that haunt him still. Unless Veronica can somehow unlock the enigma that is her new husband, their powerful passion could be undone by the sins and sorrows of yesterday.


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