The Joneses By Shelia M. Goss

The Joneses By Shelia M. Goss
The Joneses By Shelia M. Goss

Keeping up with the Joneses isn?t all it?s made out to be. In this intriguing novel full of drama and plot twists, one family tries to hold on to their ?perfect? life before their secrets, lies, and scandals are exposed.On the outside, the Joneses seem like the ideal family: Royce Jones, a funeral home mogul, and his wife, Lexi, are parents to Charity, Hope, and Lovie?and everybody wants to be them. But it?s tr

Ue that money can?t buy happiness, and the Joneses are harboring secrets that can?t stay hidden forever?The funeral home business has been slow lately, and Royce is in serious trouble. When Lexi learns of their financial strain, she vows to hold on to her status by any means necessary?even if it means going behind her husband?s back. Lovie, seeing his beloved mother so stressed, will do whatever it takes to put a smile back on her face. And sibling rivalries tense up when Charity and Hope both fall for the same guy. On top of this, they all have secrets they?re hiding not only from people outside their family?but from each other. It?s only a matter of time before the Joneses? perfect life goes spinning out of control and they?re revealed for who they truly are


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