Last Breath By George Shuman

Last Breath By George Shuman
Last Breath By George Shuman

Last Breathis a psychological thriller with multiple twists and turns, that takes place in rural Pennsylvania and Maryland (Waterdrum and Cumberland Gap, respectively), Sherry Moore, a blind woman who can see the last 18 seconds of someone's life if given the ch

Ance to hold their hand, is called upon by both the police and FBI when bodies of victims are found hanging in a meat freezer in Cumberland, MD (They were abducted from a tree-lined parking lot of an office in Hagerstown, MD). When Sherry describes their killer as sexually violent, and seen through a mask, the police realize they were wrong to assume it had been two juveniles who later died in a car explosion while trying to abduct a fourth victim: the killer is still on the loose..


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